Wedding Caterers in Halifax Nova Scotia

May 10, 2020

Oh is this about wedding food? We have an opinion.

As wedding photographers we’ve seen so many weddings, and eaten SO much wedding food. We sort of feel like pros at this point. Admittedly we are pretty laid back when it comes to our food style, so we have a soft spot for homestyle goodness and backyard BBQ. But a couple on this list are more formal, and INSANELY delicious.

These are our Top 5 Halifax Wedding Catering Businesses. FEAST YOUR EYES.


Okay. So these guys are easily one of our favorite caterers in the city and it’s not hard to see why. They legit make BBQ into an art, and my mouth has never been happier. You can get yourself anything from a whole pig roast to macaroni and cheese to wood fired pizzas! Their meat is succulent, everything is perfectly seasoned, and if I never awoke from the food coma I’d have no regrets.

2. Chef Inspired

Chef Inspired is made up of a group of local restaurants from fine-dining to food truck! From Sushi to BBQ! They can literally fit any style of wedding and still maintain their deliciousness. They also offer buffet service if your wedding is a bit more backyard or casual. We had the pleasure of devouring burritos from their Habaneros catering, and it was so fresh and so delicious. My mouth is watering just writing it.

3. Kitchen Door Catering

I don’t even know how to begin to explain how much we love Kitchen Door Catering. I feel like I’ve raved about meat already, but the roast that we ate with these guys just has no rival. It’s THAT good. And the rest of their food isn’t far behind. It’s the best fine-dining we’ve ever had, ever. In our history of weddings, this place takes the cake. If you’re looking for something more formal, look no further!


4. Boneheads

I’m sorry, did someone say Southern BBQ? I’m not going to lie. Kev and I used to live across the street from here and it was 100% our go-to after weddings.. And also on Sundays when I was too tired to make food. They’re stuff is legit, and I’ve eaten their macaroni and cheese until I’m too full to move.. on several occasions. They are amazing and I don’t wanna live in a world without their sausages! <3

5. Street Food App Catering

These guys are all about the FOOD TRUCKS yassssss, and we super dig it! They are perfect for the super chill backward wedding and the best part of that there are SO many options. There are 63 food trucks all over NS connected to this guy, and you get to customize exactly what you want! There are woodfired pizzas, BBQ, gourmet sandwiches, and all the desserts! Can you say sign me up?

6. Anenome Dining

Legit our top choice from this last season. Fully equipped with private dining, personal chef, curated grazing AND boutique meal delivery, this business has it all! Whether you want something intimate or grand, Anemone Dining will seriously not disappoint. Food is exceptional, service is top notch. We couldn’t recommend them more!

Oh and here’s some GIFs of how Kevin and I eat at weddings.

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Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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