Jackie and Aundréa | A Celtic Ceremony in Nova Scotia

January 7, 2020

Back for Round 2! A Halifax Handfasting

Apparently Jackie and Aundréa weren’t awesome enough already, so they decided to do a second, more intimate ceremony, this time Celtic. And it was soooo cool! It was my and Kev’s first time photographing a Gaelic ceremony, and it was really heartwarming, thoughtful, and just plain neat-o.

We plopped over to the Dartmouth Commons a couple days after their initial wedding, and got a lovely sunset ceremony and a beautiful portrait session to follow. It was just perfect.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a Celtic Handfasting ceremony, it’s pretty interesting. The Celtics have a tradition of committing to one another through the practice of having their hands tied together with a braid, or something similar, and exchanging rings and vows in a traditional ceremony. Knots are tied in the braid at the making of each vow. Because it was such an intimate ceremony, we had the pleasure of getting real up close with angles we wouldn’t normally be able to capture.

It was a very touching couple of hours, and we are super grateful we got to share in Jackie and Aundréa’s special ceremony.

Now we are sharing it with you all! 🙂


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