Halifax St Mary’s Boat Club Wedding | Emma and Colin

December 4, 2019

It’s a Small World After All

This wedding was pretty special for us for a number of reasons. It’s not everyday you get to photograph the wedding of your high school teachers’ son… that’s right. Plural. ALSO my high school guidance counsellor was there.. and countless other lovely humans from my childhood! I grew up in Shelburne, a teeny tiny place on the south shore of Nova Scotia. And everyone appeared in Halifax from my hometown for this momentous occasion.

Most people that know me even a little bit, understand that I kind of love (okay, need) to be graded, haaaa. It’s kind of my thing. I was the kid who handed in my assignments early so I could re-do them to get an even better mark. Because that 1% or 2% REALLY mattered to me. I’m also 1000% still that person, so it was pretty important to me to bring my A-game (ha!) for this wedding in particular. Kevin did not let me forget that for the entire day, either, haha! Or everyone else actually, since he made countless jokes about me “waiting my whole life to be able to boss my teachers around.” Har har Kevin!

But enough about meee, now on to the lovely couple! Emma and Colin opted to have a longer day with us instead of doing an engagement session. This means their wedding day was the first time we photographed them, and first time we got to spend a length of time together outside of pre-wedding meetings. SO. That can always be a little nerve-wracking for us since we don’t know entirely what to expect. That being said, Emma and I got to sit down and chat for about 30 minutes in the waiting area of the salon at the beginning of the day, and she is SO so kind and warm. And then Colin came along and equaled that! I really don’t know how we keep getting so lucky, but we felt so very welcomed into their day. They were so easy-going, and so freaking cute together. Watching the two of them dance at the end of the night just made my little heart melt. It’s a really special thing when you get to see two wonderful humans make some kind of super-human couple. <3

We really hope our photos did them justice. Take a look!

PS. Seeing my high school teachers throw down on the dance floor is probably one of the best things to happen to me this wedding season.

PPS. Colin sounds EXACTLY like his Dad and it freaked me out the entire day. I probably would have done anything he told me to because 12 year old me was kind of afraid of her grade 6 teacher.

PPPS. Someone please grade me!



Dress: The Model Shop

Suit: Ottottos Custom Menwear

Flowers: Barrington Florist

Music: True North DJ

Hair & Make-up: Spirit Spa

Venue: Saint Mary’s Boat Club

Catering: Certainly Cinnamon

Cake: Lilycakes (Rhonda O’Keefe)



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