Unique Halifax Wedding | Italian Canadian Cultural Association and Bus Stop Theatre After Party | Alex and Chelsea

September 18, 2023

Firstly just let me say that Alex and Chelsea are incredible humans and we adore the shit out of them. Coming in at 12 sweet hours, this was our longest wedding day coverage of the season and for them, it was so so so beyond worth it. To top it off, they even had a post-wedding portrait session the next day! If you wanna see that – go here (it’s was at Clam Harbour Beach and it was MAGICAL). 

Chelsea and Alex and both super passionate, animated, gorgeous people. Their day started out at a place very special to them – The Bus Stop Theatre! This is they and their glorious wedding party all got ready together. And it’s also where the night ends, with one pretty sick after party! (But we’ll get to that momentarily). 

The Ceremony and more formal reception were held at the Halifax ICCA (Italian Canadian Cultural Association), and the decor was on point. Wedding colours were deep purple and emerald green (a personal fav) and the space looked beautiful. There was so much joy, love, and all the dang feels. There were tears, so much laughter, and so many hugs. When Alex and Chelsea shared their vows, everyone in that room welled up, including us! 

Also, there was a DONUT WALL, which is another one of my personal favorite things. 🙂 As a side note, I’m pretty sure I should get one (for no special occasion, I just want that in my life and I don’t wanna share it, ok??). 

The live band was baller, would 11/10 recommend them to anyone wanting a live band for their wedding (100000% better than a DJ, in our humble opinions!). 

The festivities did not end with the live band though. We headed back to the Bus Stop Theatre for some final dancing and INCREDIBLE drag queen performances. Theses Queens were legit insane, and what a way to end the night! 

This wedding day was pumped full of unique and special added flavour, dope activities, and freakin’ stunning people. 

Be like Alex and Chelsea. Do you for your wedding day!


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