A Wolfville Wedding | Bruce and Cait’s Sunny October Covid Wedding

November 6, 2020

A Fall Wedding in The Valley – Yes Please!

One of my favorite things about weddings (aside from the glorious and copious amount of cake I get to eat), is that sometimes you get a real special couple. Like when the day is over, and it’s next morning (and you’re eating the cupcake for breakfast they let you take home) and you think, “I really love this cupcake” .. and also (but not less so!) that you just made 2 hella dope friends. If anything the take-home cupcake just makes me love ‘em more!

We met Bruce and Cait a little over a year ago at Janelle and Mitch’s wedding, also two magical humans that we have the pleasure of now calling our friends. Bruce was a Groomsman for Mitch, and is one of the dudes in our infamous pants down boxer shorts boys with beers with photo, hehehe. A classic! Needless to say, clearly the ice was already broken when they contacted us about their day, lol. Bruce also promised me that at their wedding, I would NOT have to see anyone’s penis. I’m happy to say he came through on his promise, and the only scar I have from such a particular instance is from Janelle and Mitch’s day. Thanks Bruce! My eyes will live to see another day. Phew!

What we did get from Bruce and Cait’s wedding, was a fantastically relaxed, warm, beautiful day with beautiful people. Wolfville is one of the cutest towns in Nova Scotia, and we adore getting out of Halifax every chance we can get to go there. They had a sweet hook-up, and reserved a stunning home for their intimate venue and it couldn’t have turned out more perfect. We even had perfect weather for a Fall wedding, which is a rarity on the east coast. Sun, clouds, and a cool breeze so no one turned into lobster faces. The photographer in me was a very happy chappy!

And with such a relaxed day, Kev and I even had a minute to jump on the TEETER-TOTTER, which is one of my top 10 wedding moments hands down. You clearly wanna see it, amirite??

Hahaaaaa, we are such weirdos. BUT, grateful, happy, lucky weirdos, that are so stoked that we met these lovely humans. Cait and Bruce, you are awesome. We don’t believe for a second that either of you are bad at pictures. You have magical smiles, and you’re freakin’ radiant.



Dress: Tatums Bridal

Suit: Phinneys

Officiant: Jim Chambers

Hair/Make-up: Beleaf Salon and Spa

Flowers: Two Birds One Stone Farms

Cake: Two Birds Sweets and Treats


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