Our Ottawa Adventure!

April 10, 2019

Kev and I hit up Ottawa for a saucy weekend of fun in the sun! … actually it was snow but that’s okay. We’ll take it.

We were fortunate enough to meet two incredible couples AND photograph them. Anna and Chris were such a delight. So friendly, so sweet, and sooo so so so fun! We could hardly take photos between all the chit-chatting we were doing.

ALSO. Nat and Matt have names that rhyme. It’s ridiculously cute and so were they. Nat had the most beautiful red coat and even though it was a little rainy they were both so cooperative and easy-going. We couldn’t have asked for better people to spend our time with. In fact, we all went for dinner after the shoot and stuffed our mouth holes with pizza. It was my favorite!

Look at how adorable they all are! 🙂

ALSO ALSO. We met up with some new photography friends while there, and got up to much general hijinks. I made cupcakes in an airbnb that matched my outfit. I am superwoman.



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