Why Having Two Photographers For your Wedding is Important!

September 4, 2020

Two Wedding Photographers is better than one!

Why, do you ask? Let me explain!

First and foremost. It’s crucial that there are two people capturing your wedding day, as one person can’t be with both you and your partner during the getting ready part of the day. They just can’t be in two places at once, and that means losing time travelling to different getting-ready locations. It also means one partner (usually the guy group!) will probably already have gotten dressed by the time the photographer arrives, and it’s almost always staged and posed instead of genuine and candid! This just isn’t as meaningful and important moments get missed. Plain and simple.

Secondly, a single photographer can’t photograph both your reaction and your fiancé’s during the vows, when you see one another for the first time, or when one of you walks down the aisle. Only one reaction is captured during these times because the photographer can only be in one place! This is ESPECIALLY important if Auntie Karen stands up in the aisle to snap a photo during the first kiss! In the wise words of Eminem, you’ve only got one shot. One opportunity. Have two photographers, and there’s always another angle and back-up. Phew, no close calls!

And thirdly, in our professional opinion, even a secondary shooter isn’t going to cut it. Unless someone is photographing weddings as their full time gig, they aren’t going to be at the same level as the main photographer. Most photographers that offer the option of a second shooter have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person that could show up with them. Do you really want their 2nd or 3rd?? I know I wouldn’t. Have a photo duo that works together consistently, knows each other, and how to work together. Having a photography duo that always shoots together means you’ll get the best wedding photos possible.

And a cheeky 4th! We really find that since we are both skilled at a professional level, we have 2 unique approaches to every wedding. Sometimes we catch things that the other doesn’t see, and we have our own creative way of shooting. This makes a really beautiful set of wedding photos for our couples. It combines our relaxed, non traditional and candid style with some magically creative artwork. We figuratively pull photo bunnies out of our top hats!

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