Wedding Survival Kit | 30 essential items that just might save your day

August 14, 2019

A Wedding Survival kit is essential for your big day (some items might even double for a zombie apocalypse survival kit). You spend countless hours planning your day and as much as we hope everything goes according to plan, that simply isn’t always the case. Not every item on this list will pertain to you, but take a quick look and see some of the little things that could be the hero that saves the day!

  1. Heel Stoppers – We recommend these for the bride and all the bridesmaids. You’re almost certainly going to be walking on grass at some point in the day, and it’s much better to stay above ground!
  2. Small Sewing Kit – For those times you drop it like it’s hot on the dance floor and don’t want to hide that tear you made in your pants.
  3. Tide to go Stick – Spills happen, even if you don’t use it on your wedding day you’ll need it someday.
  4. White Chalk – If you get a real stubborn stain on your dress that Tide can’t handle cover it up with some chalk!
  5. Blotting Papers – Perfect for the guys and girls on those hot and humid days, no one wants that shiny skin look in their photos.
  6. Tissues – I’m not crying, you’re crying.
  7. Bobby Pins – Tame those rogue hairs, and sometimes your veil might need some extra help staying in place!
  8. Fashion Tape – Avoid those wardrobe malfunctions.
  9. Setting Spray – Not every makeup artist will have a setting spray, you’ll be glad you did when you still look fly and fresh at the end of the day.
  10. Makeup Sponge – Tears of joy will happen, and if it’s a summer wedding no way you’re not going to sweat. Take care of any water related makeup mishaps.
  11. Bug Spray – Mosquito bites suck.
  12. Sunscreen – Coming from two gingers take it from us you do not want to look like a red tomato by the time the reception comes around.
  13. Chapstick – No one likes to kiss cracked lips, keep em kissable soft. You too fellas.
  14. Mints – Want your first kiss to be super fresh!
  15. Lint Roller – We love puppies too, but you don’t want to be wearing them on your suit.
  16. Clear Umbrella – Let’s be honest, it’s Nova Scotia and there is always a chance it could rain so plan ahead and buy enough for the bridal party. Many people want to get those nice looking bubble umbrella’s but its important to get the type of style we linked, because otherwise we won’t be able to see your faces.
  17. Rain Boots – If it’s going to be really raining might as well have some cute boots to wear!
  18. Floss – So that appetizer salad was great but do you really want spinach in your teeth for the rest of your photos?
  19. Mini First Aid Kit – You do not want to be the one to get blood on the dress.
  20. Protein Bars / snacks – You don’t want to be hangry when you’re walking down the aisle.
  21. Water Bottle – Hydration is key, nobody wants to be the person that fainted during a wedding ceremony.
  22. Eye Drops – Bloodshot eyes are only cool if you’re Snoop Dog.
  23. Deodorant – Someone will forget theirs and you’ll have to sit next to them.
  24. Phone Charger – Because someone always forgets something. You can’t tell Jack to run to the house when your phone is dead.
  25. Bluetooth Speaker – Playing your wedding squads’ anthems will make the getting ready part of the day so much
    more fun, especially when it’s not coming out of your phone’s terrible speakers.
  26. Baby Powder – When it gets hot and sticky out, it gets hot and sticky down there.
  27. Pain killer – Nobody wants to nurse a headache or have pain hold them back on the dance floor.
  28. Benadryl – Because somehow uncle Tobias didn’t think there would be shellfish in the seafood chowder.
  29. Pepcid AC – If you’re going to be drinking or eating spicy food, don’t let Heartburn hit you on your big day.
  30. Lighter – Nothing better than burning off those loose threads!

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