Why A Wedding Album is an Investment you Need to Make!

June 23, 2019


Why should you buy a wedding album?

1. An album is the perfect way to preserve the memories from your wedding day. While you will undoubtedly remember the rush of emotions you felt on your wedding day, it’s less likely that you will remember all those little moments that happened. Having a hard copy of your most precious memories in physical form allows you to revisit your special day over and over. You can relive your favourite memories, like the first moment you look at one another as a married couple, or when your brother made a funny face at you. Wedding albums are built to stand the test of time, so they last throughout your entire life. It’s something you can share with your children, and grandchildren in the years to come.

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2. Technology changes. Although it’s lovely to see all your photos digitally, once you download them it’s not often you take the time to look through them. Before we know it, in a few years technology has advanced to the next kind of electronic media. While of course many couples have the intention of transferring their wedding photos to the new system, realistically most don’t get around to it. Traditional photo albums have been around for a long time, and their quality is only improving. Today’s upscale albums are beautifully crafted while still being timeless.

3. Having an album is an investment. There is something indescribable about having your wedding photos in physical form, in high quality prints. The act of having something that you can not only see, but also touch and smell, brings your viewing experience to a whole other level. What’s more, is that often times smaller “copy” albums are available to purchase for your parents. This way you can enjoy your wedding, and at the same time it’s a gift you can give to your family. Your wedding album becomes a family heirloom that lasts through your generation, and the next ones too. This is something that you will simply always treasure.

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4. Your wedding album showcases your unique story. Although single photographs certainly have their place, like as an art piece in your home, a wedding album tells the narrative of your specific wedding day from beginning to end. This carries you through your wedding day all over again, and shows anyone viewing your album just how your day looked and felt. This is something you can share and cherish with your friends and family for years and years.

5. Quality wedding photography is a luxury that you purchased. It’s important to have a place to see your wedding story, and ensure you’re really getting the value out of your photography package. Why go to the trouble of having incredible wedding photography and then hardly ever look at your photos? Investing in a wedding album for yourself and your parents is the perfect way to ensure you and the people closest to you can relive one of the most important days of your life over and over, while at the same time getting the most value out of your photographers.


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