Lindsay and Prem | Frog Pond Lake Engagement

October 13, 2020

The Dingle and a shoot with Surrounding Trails

This is the year of last minute engagement sessions! Many of our couples have had to change their wedding plans due to Covid, and it’s lead to a lot of new wedding dates and cramming in engagement sessions before the big day. Which has been a whirlwind, but a fun one!

Lindsay and Prem originally planned on having their big wedding in 2021, but with all the uncertainly they opted to move ahead and have a small shindig this year. We LOVE small weddings/elopements so we couldn’t be more on board! Last week they decided they wanted an engagement as well, to get comfy in front of the cam, which is never a bad idea! We fit em’ in last minute and had a lovely stroll through Sir Sanford Flemming trails up near the Dingle. Halifax has some of the prettiest parks you ever did see, and this time of year the Fall colours in Nova Scotia are really starting to explode!

Frog Pond Lake is a tiny gem of a place that we rarely get to shoot near, but boy do I love it. It’s this wonderful wilderness surrounding a little lake, where you can take in the smell of the trees and get some much needed exercise (but not too much, let’s be real lol. I am a potato right after Thanksgiving).

ANYWAY. We went with Lindsay and Prem during golden hour and the light was on point, shining through the branches and leaving long, beautiful shadows on the ground. And the wind in the leaves made the sun literally dance on their faces! They were so freakin’ cute, and we can’t wait to photograph their wedding in a couple of weeks. <3

Look at ‘em!


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