Halifax Beachy Engagement | Bria and Ty’s Crystal Crescent Silliness

October 9, 2020

A goofy, beachy, wavey, good time of an engagement session!

Um, so. We basically love Bria and Ty. They were SO much fun, it was a total blast to capture them in all their love and silly faces. After having to reschedule because of Hurricane Teddy, and then AGAIN our session was calling for rain but we went for it anyway… And it was magically sunny 30 minutes outside of Halifax and toasty warm! We lucky ducks. 🙂

There was also hardly anyone on the beach, so we had the run of things to ourselves and had a ball popping all over! Naturally I forced them into the water, but it wasn’t that cold and I promise no one drowned. It was 100% worth it, to get some natural splashy laughing moments. Such brave little toasters, they were! <3 It’s always awesome when a couple is up for anything, because really all we want is to have a fun and make cool photos along the way. And we did just that with Bria and Ty.

ALSO, not only are they hella fun and silly and nice, they’re also old grumpy people on the inside like us who shake their fists when kids are on their lawn. YES. 🙂

Behold them and their beautiful energy!



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