Halifax convention center is framed in a graffiti filled alleyway


Something we’ve come to learn through our own exploration, and all the weddings we’ve done over the last several years, is that Halifax and NS in general have SO much to offer, especially for an elopement. There is this wonderful mix of historic and modern architecture in the city, and tons of incredible restaurants, diverse culture, and all-around variety. You can go 10 mins outside the city and do amazing nature hikes, wake up at a stunning vineyard, or escape into the wilderness. There is genuinely something for everyone, and that means you can create the most unique elopements ever! Super full of adventure, experiences, and completely customizable to YOU as a COUPLE!

Halifax Clock tower with flowers growing in front of it


Halifax has really glowed up in the last 5 or so years, and we feel like the luckiest of ducks to call it home. It’s become rich with energy, full of culture, and has always been teaming to the brim with East Coast niceness. And the icing on the cake? The wonderful mix of historic city, modern buildings, nature and the ocean. Being a peninsula, Halifax is pretty much surrounded by ocean.

Which means there are SO many options for beach elopements, foresty park weddings, and downtown weddings that all have those blue wavy views! Want to see both the skyline AND the ocean? Why not tie the knot at the top of citadel hill?

The food game in this place has really sky-rocketed, both in quality and diversity. Nova Scotia has always been famous for it’s succulent seafood (lobster lovers look no further!) but now you can find more than just fish. And uh, yeah, donairs count! Annnd yes it’s okay to devour one the night of your wedding - we don’t judge, hehe. Okay but for real, Halifax has some amazing new restaurants, both for casual dining and getting fancy-pants. And like, INTERESTING fancy pants! One of our fav new spots in the last couple years is The Mercantile Social on Hollis Street. There are paintings on the ceilings! And super cool themed private rooms perfect for an intimate reception or romantic dinner. The perfect way to end off your elopement in Halifax. ;)

the sun sets behind a Wolfville vineyard
A bride and groom pour champagne into flutes


From Peggy’s, to Pollett’s, and Duncan’s, Nova Scotia literally has all the coves! Where ocean meets rugged coastline, and stunning landscapes to boot. NS is also home to some real gorgeous beaches, alongside amazing trails for both the light hiker and hardcore backpacker. Did you know you can get married at a vineyard AND have a romantic weekend getaway there, too? Or tie the knot in a hot air balloon while floating over The Valley at sunset?

There are just so many beautiful places to say I do, you’ll honestly hardly be able to choose. Nova Scotia is perfect for those who call this place home, as well as a weekend elopement coming from afar!



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