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From Planning to Photography to Print!

because You DESERVE TO HAVE photos from your epic day preserved as art

At Fox and Fellow we are real big advocators of printing your most cherished memories. We are here to guide you every step of the way, from planning to photography to print! The day you get married is SO incredibly special, meaningful, and exploding with wonderful moments. These moments pass by so quickly, and our job as photographers is to capture them so they can be preserved for years to come.

Buttttt if you don't print them, what happens to them?

Now, don't get us wrong! We love technology - it's freakin' incredible. It's what makes what we do possible. BUT it has its flaws...





the top 3 biggest reasons why we are all about printing!

Every few years there is something new and cool. There's a better phone, better ipad, better camera, etc. We went from CD to USB to harddrives in a decade... it's legit impossible to keep up with it all. If you just leave your wedding photos as digital, they get lost over time. Most people plan to make that album, or make that collage, but don't get around to it because life gets in the way. That's where we come in! We make printing easy, beautiful, and worth every penny.

Technology is constantly changing.

Seriously! When you can touch that photo, see that texture, or flip through that album with your family, it's just so much more emotional. Not only do you get the feels from reliving that memory, but having the real thing in person adds a whole other level of experience for the senses. It's more meaningful, emotional, and impactful. What's more, when you've got something on display in your home, you see it daily. You get those sweet "awwww" and "ooooo" feels, you get that memory present in your mind every time you see it. If you just have those photos in your phone or on a drive, you simply don't have the opportunity to appreciate them in the way you deserve.

There is nothing like having the real thing in your hands.

You spend SO much money having photos of the day you get married captured (the most epic freakin' day ever, btw). They are meant to be seen, appreciated, and treasured. Photography is absolutely an amazing way to preserve those moments, and in order to get the most out of those images, you gotsta print 'em. You chose your photographers for their artistry, and that's what photography is - Art! It should be displayed, preserved, and shown off in your home to remind you on the daily of your most celebrated adventure together. <3

Photography is Art.

Now that you've decided to Print, Let's talk about Quality vs Quantity

Why can't I just print at a department store vs a professional photo lab with you two goofs???

I hate being the bearer of bad news, but alas, you get what you pay for. We've put a TON of research into choosing our printer for that very reason - they are excellent at what they do and one of the few we could find that prints our photos exactly as they are. Every printer and monitor is set up for different colours/brightness and that makes it REALLY difficult to print accurately. Photos that you print at a Walmart or Costco just aren't going to look the same as the photos on your screen. And they don't print on the same materials, either! What's more, the quality of the image from a professional print lab doesn’t discolour over time like with a department store. It's meant to last a lifetime.

Bottom Line: Yep - Prints are more expensive with us than your run-of-the-mill department store or local print supplier but it's a one time purchase for something you have for your entire life. It's absolutely worth it to preserve the memories of the day you got married.

You're gonna wanna get it right.

Why You Need to Print Bigger Than You Think you do!

On top of being able to appreciate your Wall Art at its best, the image will have more impact, and fill the space in your home appropriately.

When you've got a 4x6 or a 5x7 in a photo album right in front of your face, of course it looks great! But for Wall Art, it gon' look real small.

Definitely measure and use painters tape, or a piece of cardboard, bristol board, etc, to see the actual sizing in the place you want to hang it! This will give you a more accurate idea of how your Wall Art will look from different distances and areas of the room. Then you'll know what size you need to order!

Floor to Ceiling measures 8 Feet


Finally! The Good Stuff!

What We Offer through the Online Gallery:


your love in Print


Have no fear! We've got the magic of Interior Wall Mock Ups.

All meticulously sized on A standard 8ft square Wall for your viewing pleasure!



Our albums aren't available through the gallery as they are a speciality item that we make as a collaboration with YOU - our awesome client. If you want more info about the albums we offer, and how this process works, please head on over to the album info page linked below. :)


FAQs about our Epic Wall Art