Sebrina Wareham


About Sebrina


I am the kind of gal that always orders dessert first. Life is just too short to eat your vegetables before the best part of the meal! I believe in kindness above all else, and my favourite way to express my kindness is through my art. Whether that is through photographing a wedding or portrait session, sewing a dope dress for myself (cause I love me too!), or making someone else a thoughtful gift, etc. All that art just fills me up to the brim. When I’m not shooting up a storm, you can find me practicing my piano and voice lessons, dog-sitting (yay doggos!), shamelessly eating straight from the peanut butter jar, and probably watching Star Trek or weird British Panel shows. Also, I wish I was mermaid and a princess.

Why are Weddings my Jam?

My favourite moment ever to experience is the one when the ceremony is freshly over, and the witnesses are signing the marriage certificate. This is the first moment that the newly weds have when they are married, where they can have a little private moment. AND IT’S ALWAYS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING TO CAPTURE. Always. There is so much love, there is so much "holy shit - we just did the thing!", so much emotion that my camera (okay maybe just me) can barely handle it. Love is the most authentically raw and beautiful thing we humans do, and it is a straight up privilege to witness. Not only do I get to see that, as a photographer I get to make art out of it. And I get to share that art and give the gift of their wedding photos to each unique couple we shoot. I'm going to call that a win.