What is...


We are Sebrina Wareham and Kevin MacCormack, Halifax’s premier ginger photographers. We met in the NSCC Commercial Photography Program. What started out as a fierce competition for the highest marks, soon led to us becoming friends and bringing our skills together as a team (think Sherlock and Watson… with hopefully less murder).

What we do...

We tell your story using our ninja photojournalist skills (disclaimer: we are not actual ninjas). We use this approach through the first part of the day, being as unobtrusive as possible. This allows us to capture emotion and genuine moments that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime. When it’s time for your creative portrait session we become more involved, introducing some directing into the mix while still allowing for real emotion. Whether it’s jumping between rocks at Peggy's Cove or creating cinematic light in downtown Halifax, all that matters is crafting creative imagery for you. With the reception, it’s not over! We love getting on the dance floor and capturing your closest friends and family letting their hair down. Sure, we end up cleaning spilled drinks off our cameras every week but it’s worth it so you can look back and feel the love from the day all over again.

We love what we do and are so grateful for all the couples who let us tell their story and be a part of their day!

What Makes us Different?

These days anyone can take your photograph. We really pride ourselves on being relaxed, having fun, and making you feel the same. This enables us to bring out the best in you! We learn about you as a couple, and what you love about one another. This allows us to capture your partner through your own eyes on your wedding day. We aim to photograph them as you see them. Do you love your partner's eyes? We'll get a beautiful close-up of them during the portrait session as they look at you. Do they have a gorgeous man-bun or an epic beard? Count on us to incorporate all those little things you love into your day!