Kevin MacCormack


About Kevin


In West Dartmouth born and raised, On the playground is where I spent most of my days, chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool…

I’ve always been drawn toward creative endeavours, I always wanted to illustrate and write from a young age. It took a few years of wanting to work in the information technology field to learn that I didn’t want to be at a desk with a computer all day (well jokes on me I spend probably just as much time working at a computer…but this way I get to wear pyjamas all day).

So why weddings? It’s obviously for all the amazing food every weekend? Actually, from the first time that I caught an unexpected moment and the pure loving emotions of the day, I was hooked. I love going off every day and getting to create with the most amazing people. But also the trust from a couple to make those more creative epic portraits is another feeling that I love.. When I tell them this crazy idea and they can’t wait to jump at it. I love my job!

In my free time I love to experiment with cooking, travel, eat all the sushi, and whenever I can (much to Sebrina’s annoyance) prank and joke constantly. Oh and I probably spend more than a reasonable amount of time maintaining my beard.