1. Do you travel?
    Yes, yes, and yes! Anywhere and everywhere. Can you please have your wedding in space?

  2. Due to my culture/religion, my wedding is more than one day, do you accommodate this? Do you have a specialized price/package for this?
    Absolutely! We would love to discuss any additional coverage that may be required.

  3. Can we have the RAW, unedited files from our session?
    As much as we love to accommodate, in this case we do not give out RAW or any unedited images of our work. This is simply because we really value our artistic vision, and our editing is a big part of that. It’s important to us that our photos reflect our shooting style and our brand. If we were to give out our RAW files, this would not be possible. We thank you so much for understanding!

  4. How many photographers will there be at my wedding?
    There will be 2! We work as a team, and we believe it is essential to photograph a wedding with 2 photographers. Having a second photographer means someone can be with the bride and groom at the same time. This is so beneficial for getting ready images, as well as during the ceremony and speeches to ensure nothing is missed, and reactions from the perspective of each person are captured. Not to mention, if something happens to one of our cameras there is always someone shooting!

  5. Do you have liability insurance?

  6. How soon after the wedding can we have our photos?
    We have an 8 week delivery time frame from the day of the wedding.

  7. What happens if we run over our agreed time on the wedding day?
    We are always available for additional coverage! We charge at an hourly rate of $300.

  8. Do you charge travel fees?

    We do charge for travel if heading outside Halifax. We charge $0.55 plus tax per km traveled.

    Concerning lodging, if your event is late or far away, We’ll need to be put up for the night. We don’t need to stay in a hotel - just no couches please. It comes down to common sense. If your event is 2 hours away and our services are scheduled to end at 10:00, We want to stay over. If it ends at 6:00, We’ll head home. After 10 hours of shooting in the sun we will be beat and a late night drive simply isn’t safe.