Sir Sandford Flemming Park | Neha and Kushal’s Fall Engagement Session at The Dingle

December 13, 2022

Low and behold, friends of Abha and Varun contacted us for their engagement, too! This time we opted for a very special place close to Neha and Kushal’s hearts – Sir Sandford Flemming Park. AND, it was also Neha’s birthday on the day of the session! ANNND it was pretty much legit the last nice day of the year. Sunny, golden light, and a balmy 17 degrees. Nova Scotia really held out on the inevitable weather change into the cold season and we are so happy about it. Sebrina hates the cold!

And Neha got to wear a gorgeous red dress, sleeveless and flowy, with stunning heels to boot. What a beautiful way to end off our season. 

Oh, and they brought flowers which was just an adorable addition to the whole session. Kushal’s suit was next level spiffy, and the grey and red together was the perfect combination. It didn’t even matter that we lost a lot of the leaves from the trees, there is so much variety at The Dingle, a billion different areas and so much nature to work with. Ocean, forests, little bridges and brooks and the winding baths, and the gorgeous stone work of the tower itself. The light hitting it and their faces was ethereal. Their cute shyness and sweet love was adorable.

They killed the session, and we’ve got the photos to prove it. 🙂

So grateful that we got to meet two amazing couples that week. <3 


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