A Halifax Elopement at Sir Sandford Flemming Park | Olivia and Tyler tie the knot!

December 14, 2020

Tiniest Elopement at Sir Sanford Flemming Park (aka The Dingle!)

We loove looooove LOVE loveeeee teeny tiny elopements. For this one, it was legit just the couple, JOP, Kev and me! Which means, we got to be cute little witnesses and I was oh-so-profess in my Ninja Turtle toque. Truly a memory that will live on in photographs for years to come. Hehe!

Olivia and Tyler reached out to us about a month before their planned elopement to discuss the deets, and we couldn’t be happier they wanted our laid-back and silly (but super dope) wedding photography style. We spent 2 hours together on the day of the wedding and got SO lucky with the weather, we couldn’t believe it. Like 15 degrees and sunny on November 21st? Why yes, thank you very much!

To top things off, Olivia looked like an absolute princess in her stunning dress, and Tyler was rocking his blue suit and handsome as ever. Just because you’re having a simple wedding, doesn’t necessarily mean your details are simple! They looked magical, and were just so freakin’ cute together.

A perfect day for a perfect couple. Congratulations Olivia and Tyler! <3



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