Our 5 Tips for Every Bride on her Wedding Day!

June 29, 2018


These are our top 5 favourite tips that we like to share with every couple before heading into their big day. 🙂

1. Go unplugged for your ceremony! Ask your guests to put away their cell phones and iPads (oh yes, it happens) during your ceremony. After all, the photographers are there to capture all those moments for you, and a cell phone or tablet can really mess up a shot. Your guests should be present!

2. If it rains, GO WITH IT! No one can control the weather. If you plan an outdoor wedding and the forecast is calling for rain, get some wellies and brollies and embrace it! We will photograph it, and it will be YOUR DAY and it will be beautiful. 

3. Sneak away with your new husband/wife! Even if it’s just for a few minutes. It can be so hard to get alone time, but you should steal some when you can. Sneak off at the reception for a cuddle in the coat room! <3 

4. Oh boy bring a snack! You really have to make sure that you eat before your ceremony, even if you don’t feel hungry. It’s very tricky to find time to eat throughout your busy day, and you gotta stay fuelled up for your ceremony and portrait session! Ain’t nobody got time to be hangry. 

5. Last but certainly not lease – BREATHE. Remember what is most important. You are marrying your person, and it’s the most amazing thing. No wedding day ever goes perfectly smooth. No matter what happens, you have each other. 


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