A Downtown Dartmouth and Halifax Engagement | Sarah and Nolan

November 26, 2020

Downtown Halifax and Dartmouth, Here we come!

We finally got to meet Sarah and Nolan for their engagement session, and they were just the loveliest! Funnily enough, Nolan and I went to MTA together way back when, and he actually knows a bunch of the people from my Residence! We can’t remember each other, but I was kind of a shy little hermit that hated noise and moved out of res prettttyyyy quickly, hehe. ANYWAY. I’m pumped that 1 or 2 of those uni peeps might be at the wedding next year, what a lovely thing to be able to photograph them!

BUT onto the session. Us 4 had a little walk around downtown Dartmouth waterfront for some photo ops, and then we hopped on the ferry to the Halifax side to finish things off. There’s an incredible ivy wall that’s full of fall colours right now, and we can’t help but want to use it! There’s also lots of nifty spots around that area that we rarely get to explore, so it’s lovely to make new friends and create some cool stuff together.

Sarah and Nolan are super freakin’ nice, and hilarious. They brought their hockey jerseys along as they’re pretty huge fans, and it was a quite the moment when Sarah realised she forgot to wash it and there was a splooshy ketchup stain at the bottom (sorry Sarah, but it was hilarious!). Don’t worry, I photoshopped it out, hahaha!

Have a look at the magic we created!


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