Couples Wedding Anniversary | Aundréa and Jackie celebrate 1 year!

October 20, 2020

Playground, Ocean, and Fun!

This is a particularly exciting shoot for us, because it was on a very special day. Aundréa and Jackie chose to celebrate their 1 year anniversary having a photoshoot with us, and we are just so honoured! We photographed their beautiful wedding last year in Halifax, as well as a handfasting ceremony in Dartmouth that same week (click the above links to see!).

Because they are super cool humans, they insisted on having a playground be part of the session and we were more than stoked to oblige. Did I go on the swings while we waited for them to arrive? Freakin’ right I did! Did I also make Kevin go on with me? YUP! Butttt eventually he lost interest and took photos instead, hehe. IT ME!

Once our lovely friends arrived at Sir Sanford Flemming Park (such a popular spot this year!), we got straight to making the magic happen. Slides, climbing, ropes, and swings! We had a little beach walk afterward, and a stroll along the water toward the nature-y stuff. It’s amazing to have repeat clients who love to be silly, and aren’t afraid to show themselves. It’s always an amazing experience to be in the presence of these two love birds, who’s cuteness clearly can’t be contained. We hope our images did them justice!

Have a looksie!


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