Jocelyn & Jared | Dewolf of 'Wall Street' Park

September Weddings are my favorite!

Okay, firstly, the way Jared looked at Jocelyn THE ENTIRE DAY melted our hearts into tiny puddles of goop. Something that wonderfully sincere is rare and so beautiful. Also, they are both hilarious, kind, and such fun people! We had a blast getting our photo on, eating late night pizzas, dancing the night away, and eating whipped cream from the bowl. Okay maybe that last bit was just me (the maid of honour did it first!). :)

These two came all the way from Alberta and chose us to photograph their wedding, and we are so grateful. They wanted to make pit stops at the their favourite Halifax places for photos, and we were very much on board! Public Gardens, Citadel Hill, the Waterfront, Historic Properties - we hit em all up!

OH, and the Bedford Basin Farmer’s Market couldn’t have been a more perfect reception venue. <3 It was our first time there and we fell in love! LOOK!