Night Shoot with Alora and Brandon!

Downtown Halifax at Night is way cooler than we thought. 

We are so so so stoked about these photos from Alora and Brandon's couples session! I mean, it doesn't hurt that Alora pretty much looks like a real life mermaid (I'm not jealous...) but we found the coolest spots for sunset and blue hour. I was so excited to get that wide angle shot with the new Halifax Convention Centre, and and and we found a pink tree! <3 Also, I guess Kev pretty much nailed all the other things, so. Good jorb buddy! 

ALSO ALSO, the new magmod magbeam kit is proving hella amazing, by the way. Stay tuned for a review on that from the ginger beard himself. 

Anywho, Alora and Brandon were so patient and awesome to let us try all these cool lighting things when it was actually kinda freezing outside still, and we are so grateful! You two are too cute. <3