White Point Winter Wedding


This was a very special wedding. Things are about to get sappy. My big brother married the love of his life, the woman he’s been with since he was 17, the mother of their beautiful baby boy. My gift to them was to be their photographer, and what a day it was!

You would expect it to be the most wintery of days being it was January 28th, but it was a balmy 8 degrees and pretty darn rainy on the morning drive from Halifax to White Point Beach Resort. Naturally! 

Set-up was running behind, and with no snow it certainly wasn’t shaping up to be the winter wedding of their dreams. C’mon Mother Nature - why you gotta be like that?!

Fast forward to about 12:30pm and us girls are getting all make-uped and curling our hair, talking about the dress and trying not to get hairspray in our eyes (or on our lenses!). And the boys? Well, they were just being boys. #shots

I push a little for a “first-look” prior to the portrait session and it was just as adorable as it had been in my head. At the sight of one another, all of the stress of the morning washed away with the rain, and it was time for Kevin and I to really get to work!

The whole time the portrait session was unfolding, I was thinking to myself about what I would write for the blog. My brother and I have a pretty typical sibling relationship on the surface: he makes fun of my nose, I make fun of his belly, we get a lot of joy out of pushing one another’s buttons. He legit gave me preserved corn on the cob from the Dollar Store as a gift once! Happy Birthday to me? (In his defence I guess he also buys me garlic fingers and/or chocolate when I’m sad). 


Could not resist the beard pull! #SiblingLove #ImSoHappy #TheresAlwaysOne

But standing there and photographing them, all I could think about was how beautiful they are together (and how Erin is WAY out of his league - Ha!). Here I am, approaching 31 at what feels like the speed of light, practically living with a beard for a roommate, and eating cake for breakfast (okay, so it’s not all bad!). I may not be an expert on love, but in all my experiences with relationships, it is because of these two that I know what it looks like. There is no couple that shines brighter, no pair that compares (except maybe chocolate and peanut butter). ;)

Because this wedding was so close to my little heart, I wanted it to go perfectly. I wanted there to be snow, I wanted everything to be on time, I wanted us to be shooting at our best, I wanted all the magic. I didn’t need any of those things in the end, though. We had love, family, and 2 pretty dope photographers to capture it all. 

To J and E! - I love you both.