Our albums will be your first family heirloom! Designed to stand the test of time, our albums are handmade in Canada. Not only are they a way to relive the most important day of your life, but they are also a way to celebrate the most important people in it. An 10x10 Album with your first 30 selected images is included in our most popular package.


A great gift for your parents or grandparents! They are a replica of your main album in a more compact size (8x8)- convenient for parents to proudly carry around and show off. Starting at $400 for one or $700 for two.



WeddingAlbumStock (8 of 12).jpg


Upgrade to 50 Images ————— $250

Upgrade to 100 Images ————- $650

12 x 12 size upgrade —————-- $300

Leather Cover ———————— $100



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(Black, Grey, Brown, Tan)

WeddingAlbumStock (12 of 12).jpg


(Red, Black, Grey, Brown, Saddle)

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You've chosen a size. You've chosen a cover.
Now that you have an idea of how many photos you would like in your book,
that's where we come in!
We design the layouts for you, carefully piecing together the elements of your day in a way that showcases and tells the story that’s unique to you.